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Families First Coronavirus Response Act Notice- FAQS
Federal Labor Law Posting Update- Employee Rights
Pandemic Flu and the Family and Medical Leave Act: Q&A's
Remote Hires- I-9 Compliance & Requirements
Paycheck Protection Program: sba.gov
CARES Act- Full Bill Here: congress.gov
Guide to the CARES Act & Small Business Resources: sbc.senate.gov
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources: cdc.gov

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Employee Self Service & Direct Deposit

Employee Self Service & Direct Deposit

From simple direct deposit and access to pay stubs/history, to control over withholding and address changes, employees have the information they need from anywhere.

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Time and Accrual Management

Time and Accrual Management Tools

Collect employee time, develop intuitive schedules and approve/reject/modify time-off requests. Managers will have the information they need to still have visibility into their teams day.

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Leave of Absence Requests and Tracking

Leave of Absence Requests & Tracking

 Automate the administration and tracking of paid and unpaid federal, state, and employer-specific leave policies by leveraging a module dedicated to leave cases, tracking and reporting.

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Performance Management

Performance Management

With continuous performance review functionality that takes into consideration company and personal goals, you won't skip a beat on evaluating performance even during remote work scenarios.

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CDC Guidance for Reopening Buildings

As office buildings begin to reopen, employers can take steps to create a safe and healthy workplace and protect workers and clients. The CDC recommends starting by creating a COVID-19 workplace health and safety plan.

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Resuming Business Toolkit: COVID-19

This toolkit, provided by the CDC, is designed to assist employers in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and lowering the impact in their workplace when reintegrating employees into non-healthcare business settings. 

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Give Your Employees Access to Their Earned Wages Before Payday!

Allow employees still working during COVID-19 to access their wages before payday. The system looks at daily pay vs. time worked along with maximums you set to determine how much pay can be taken ahead of time. Simply download the app! No interest, monthly maintenance or usage fees. Once an employee signs up and pushes earnings ahead of check-date, funds will be made available on a VISA debit card with no fees for: POS transactions, ATM transactions, account transfers, or online transactions.

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Sample Employee Notice- Face Coverings

Note to employers: State and local laws and orders may provide different or additional requirements for employers regarding masks or face coverings, including guidance on whether employers must provide and pay for them, who must maintain and clean them, and more. Review applicable mandates to ensure compliance. 

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Help Bring Your Employees Back to Work Safely: COVID-19 Digital Screening

A Company Nurse Solution

Safely and confidently ease your team back to the workplace with COVID-19 digital screening and triage guidance! Screen employees before they return to the workplace with the most up-to-date CDC guidelines, so you can be sure that they are healthy and ready to return to the workplace!

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Sample Welcome Back Letter

Welcome your employee's back to work and acknowledge the changes you have made to further ensure workplace safety and protocols. Access a sample letter below. Be sure to adjust language as necessary and check state & local public health guidance as you formulate return to work plans for your organization.

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Pandemic Response Training Courses

Available Now!

Ensure you and your team have the right tools to navigate uncertainty by having access to pandemic response training's. Ten courses are available and range from managing in a crisis to forging ahead with perseverance and resilience!

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