Scalable from One Employee to Thousands

Our single database payroll platform is designed to grow with you. Tested up to 35,000 employees, whether you have 1 employee or thousands, you can count on Payroll Experts to provide accurate, timely payroll solutions. Whether you prefer to take a more hands on approach with our Web or RemoteClient solution, speak to your dedicated Client Support Expert every payroll or, fax or email your payroll in, we’ve got you covered.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit comes standard with our service…unlimited banks, unlimited accounts. Offer it to select employees, or your entire staff and go paperless with our eCouier options.

Trust Account

Prefer to have your check drawn from a Payroll Experts bank account? No problem! With our Trust Account services, your checks will come drawn from our bank account for easy reconciliation.

Paperless Delivery

Goodbye paper and CDs; hello instantaneous delivery through eCourier! We’ll send password protected PDFs of your favorite reports and your employees’ direct deposit vouchers.

Tax Filing

We take full liability and responsibility for the timely and accurate filings and payments of your payroll taxes, for the entire beginning quarter, regardless of how many payrolls have passed.

Pay Cards

Take your unbanked employees paperless with Payroll Experts paycards offered through Bank of America. With no fees at over 5,000 atms, your employees will thank you.

Employee Self Service

Give your employees access to 7 years of paystubs and W-2s along with the ability to request changes to their address and taxation with our Employee Self Service solution.

Check Signing and Sealing

Go on vacation. Your checks will come signed and sealed, drawn from your bank account with your signature. The best part is…it’s all included at no additional cost.

Garnishment Payment Service

Whether it be through automated ACH payment or live check, let Payroll Experts handle your agency payments with ease. We’ll set up, check, calculate and distribute all necessary payments.

Customizable Reports Package

With 200+ customizable reports, an ad-hoc report writer, grid reporting, query tool and full-blown report writer, you will have no shortage of harnessing your data.

Single Platform, Multiple Communication Options

At Payroll Experts, we’re flexible! No matter how you choose to communicate your payroll figures to us, you’ll enjoy the benefit of working with a single point of contact for all of your support, and best yet, you can choose to change your communication method anytime, with no conversion or hassle.

Hosted Platform

Discover Evolution, a powerful hosted solution that combines the convenience and agility of an in-house system with the necessity of an out-sourced solution; ridding you of the burdens of compliance, tax filing, printing requirements back-up.


Do you like being in the driver’s seat? Run payroll, wherever, whenever with our flexible, secure WebClient application while still enjoying the benefits of a fully outsourced payroll, tax filing, and Human Resource management solution.

Personal Payroll

Do you want to work with the same person you know you can count on every time you process your payroll? Then our Personal Payroll option is for you. Phone, fax or email your payroll information to your dedicated Payroll Expert.