The 2018 HR Technology Conference- Main Takeaways!

Last week, more than 5,000 HR executives and professionals traveled to Las Vegas to attend the 2018 HR Technology Conference. Several Mammoth team members joined them, with the goal of talking to tech industry analysts and identifying new industry trends and technology.

The overarching takeaway? The HR technology field continues to be crowded with single pain point solutions for HR professionals and their employees, with much less attention paid to strengthening and supporting the HR professional’s capabilities, skills, and needs.

In short, HR professionals have never had more tools at their disposal, but the gap between what the HR professional can do with those tools and what the HR professional has the time, experience, and expertise to do has never been greater.

Here are 5 other trends we observed:

Artificial Intelligence is the new “Cloud”

Like they did 5 years ago with the concept of a “cloud” based solution, HR technology companies are now heavily promoting their Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. “AI” has wide-ranging meanings in the field, but in most instances was used to describe technology that uses data to deliver predictive insights to automate processes and help the customer get more out of the software platform.

All roads lead to Employee Engagement

According to Gallup, engagement among U.S. workers remains stuck at ~35%, and a fully engaged workforce would create $450 – $550 billion in value. The HR Tech world has taken notice. Whether it be employee survey benchmarking, employee recognition, performance management, applicant tracking, or even timekeeping, solutions from nearly every part of the HR ecosystem are positioning themselves as the vehicle to better employee engagement

Integrations remain the “wild west”

HR Technology applications continue to fill their feature gaps through integrated partnerships with complementary providers. But the mechanics for building those integrations remain fluid and largely without standards, leading to a lot of redundant effort and potential technical debt within the platforms.

Recruiting & hiring solutions continue to multiply

With unemployment rates at record lows, it was no surprise to see a multitude of recruiting, hiring, staffing, and onboarding solutions at this year’s show. With the increase in competition, these solutions are expanding their value proposition to customers. Research shows that new hires make up their minds about how long they will stay with a company in their first 30 days, so these solutions are expanding their value proposition to customers from simply finding and onboarding talent to retaining it.

Platforms are investing heavily in employee user experience

HR technology has never looked better. Companies continue to invest heavily in improving the employee experience in their platforms. While employers and HR professionals will reap some of the rewards, such as better platform utilization, better reporting, and some standardized design elements, an outstanding question is whether HR practitioners will be left with a somewhat lesser or fragmented experience, since the R&D is being funneled to the employee journey.

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