Your business is unique, why shouldn’t your payroll and HR solutions be too?

Each industry and business size comes with characteristics and requirements that make it unique.  With Payroll Experts, your will find our solutions to complement these individualities and our in-depth expertise to leave you wondering how you ever worked with anyone else.


From restaurants and quick-service facilities to golf clubs and hotels, Payroll Experts understands the hospitality industry. We’ll handle all of your minimum wage and deduction shortfall reporting, your FICA tip credit calculations, tip allocation and 8027 worksheet preparation.

We also have solutions designed specifically for high new hire volume and multi-rate, multi-department time entry. We even interface with many popular POS systems and can produce labor allocation reports that directly import into your General Ledger.  Plus, if you are a YUM! brand, we already integrate with your platform!

With over 10% of our total client base being from the hospitality industry, and special W-2 pricing for high-volume clients, you can rest assured that we are the right partner for you.


At Payroll Experts, we pride ourselves on our partnership with our healthcare industry clients, both big and small. From sole practitioners to multi-state/multi-EIN accountable care organizations, we have you covered.

For our smaller practices, you’ll enjoy relying on us as your outsourced payroll and human resource department, so you can focus on your patients’ well-being and growing your practice. Plus, with a knowledgeable, friendly, dedicated expert to call your own, you’ll breeze through your administrative tasks and get back to doing what you love.

For our larger healthcare clients, you’ll appreciate working with a knowledgeable, FPC or CPP certified, dedicated point of contact for all of your needs; allowing us to have educated conversations with the head of your Payroll and HR departments, saving you time and frustration of having to educate someone on the other end of a 1-800 number. Also, with complete employee life-cycle solutions, advanced labor distribution, cross-EIN reporting, custom GL and 401k integrations and more, we will continue to grow with you as you expand.


Our forward thinking, cloud-based tools will give you complete control over all of your administrative functions including users’ security settings, company set-up, report configuration, even the overall look and feel, allowing you to create an HR management solution that you can truly call your own.

Access your information through our mobile optimized sites and time and attendance app complete with geo-fencing options and anytime, anywhere access to assigned current and historical timesheets, schedules, a time off request tool and more.
Plus, with automatic email notifications and multiple paperless delivery options, you and your team will be able to stay in the know while on the go.


From churches and temples to schools and humanitarian organizations, Payroll Experts understands the specific requirements that often go along with being a non-profit. Whether it is a specific reporting requirement set forth by your Board, or a payroll tax matter like pastoral housing or handling 403b correctly, we’ve got you covered.

Our robust solution is designed to handle the most complex taxation situations and provide the exact reports you need, when you need them. Our solution combined with our tenured expertise in these areas will ensure your payroll is right the first time.

Additionally, we understand and respect the budgetary restrictions you must operate under, offering 15% special adjustment to our pricing for all of our non-profit clients.

Small Business

Payroll Experts understands what it is like to be a small business; we started as one! Don’t settle for working with a company where you are just a number when you can join the Payroll Experts family, where we will know you by name and care about you and your employees.

We know you wear many hats, so let us take some stress off of your plate and act as your outsourced payroll and human resource department! You’ll enjoy working with a knowledgeable, friendly, dedicated expert to call your very own; no call centers or case numbers here.

With Payroll Experts on your team, you can breeze through your administrative tasks and get back to doing what you love, taking care of your customers and growing your business!

Mid-sized Business

While only 5% of businesses nationwide have over 50 employees, 25% of Payroll Experts client base is made up of just that! We understand what it means to be a growing, successful business and what you are looking for in a partner.

Our solutions are designed to grow with you.  Whether you need an advanced solution to start tracking your hourly employees’ punches, or you want to begin streamlining your on-boarding process with paperless tools while tracking applicants all in once place, our cloud-based HR management solutions can even track performance reviews, certification expirations and more.

We’ll provide you with custom reporting tools, 401k files, GL imports, time off tracking and more. The best part?  Our a la carte menu options mean you are never paying more for solutions you aren’t using.  Add features as you need them. We are here to grow with you.

Large Business

Tested up to 30,000 employees, Payroll Experts solution is ready to handle your business. We staff at an extremely high level internally to ensure you are working directly with people with decision making power who know you, know your account and also know payroll.

Whether you are 2,500 employees under one federal ID number, or 5,000 employees across 10 EINs, you’ll enjoy access to senior level management in addition to your knowledgeable, dedicated Client Support Expert. With FPCs, CPPs, and PHRs on staff, you’ll enjoy working with a solid team who you’ll be proud to have act as an extension of your internal payroll and HR departments.

Offering a full suite of employee life-cycle solutions, Payroll Experts is the only partner your organization will need to continue innovating, streamlining and exceling.

Complex Structure

Payroll Experts solution is designed to work with complex organizational structures including multi-department, multi-state and multi-EIN.  With five layers of breakdown available including unlimited Divisions, Branches, Departments and Teams, our solution also tracks unlimited jobs and positions.

Additionally, our unique database structure allows for multiple companies under one “Client”, giving you the ability to run consolidated reports across multiple EINs, and complete control over your financial reporting needs.

Plus, our solution searches your entire client database for recognized social security numbers when adding a new employee to a company. And, with recognition comes the ability to easily copy an employee to another entity.  Also, with consolidated tax reporting, we can handle separate companies with the same EIN. Our solution will even correctly recognize the wage base limit for employees who work in both companies. You name it, we can handle it.