Human Resources

The 2018 HR Technology Conference- Main Takeaways!

Last week, more than 5,000 HR executives and professionals traveled to Las Vegas to attend the 2018 HR Technology Conference. Several Mammoth team members joined them, with the goal of talking to tech industry analysts and identifying new industry trends and technology. The overarching takeaway? The HR technology field continues to be crowded with single […]

Best Practices for Preventing Workplace Harassment

A report from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) highlights best practices for employers to prevent and respond to workplace harassment. According to the EEOC report, employers should: Foster an organizational culture in which harassment is not tolerated; Adopt and maintain a comprehensive anti-harassment policy (which prohibits harassment based on any protected characteristic, and which includes social media considerations) and […]

Taming the Productivity Killers

From water cooler gossip, to interminable meetings, to hours wasted scrolling through social media, the modern workplace is teeming with threats to employee productivity. These distractions are taking a toll: several recent surveys show that U.S. employees are spending a mere 40-50% of their workdays engaged in job-related tasks. Fortunately, there are simple steps you […]