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Best Practices for Preventing Workplace Harassment

A report from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) highlights best practices for employers to prevent and respond to workplace harassment. According to the EEOC report, employers should: Foster an organizational culture in which harassment is not tolerated; Adopt and maintain a comprehensive anti-harassment policy (which prohibits harassment based on any protected characteristic, and which includes social media considerations) and […]

HR Snapshot- Workers Compensation Advice

Courtesy of HR Snapshot! Question: An employee injured themselves while on break and had to be taken to urgent care. Does this injury fall under workers’ compensation even through it occurred during a break? Answer from Marisa, PHR: Whenever an employee makes you aware of an injury or accident during the workday or at the […]

EEOC Releases Guidance on Workplace Harassment Prevention

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently issued Promising Practices for Preventing Harassment, a guidance document that contains harassment prevention recommendations for employers in four broad categories: Leadership and accountability; Harassment policies; Harassment complaint systems; and Harassment training. For each category, the guidance lists numerous actions employers can take. Recommended actions include, for example: Allocating sufficient resources for […]

5 Guidelines for Protecting Employees from Heat Stress

With the dog days of summer under way, it is critical that employers recognize the hazards of working in hot environments and take steps to reduce the risk to workers. Consider taking the following actions that can help protect employees: Provide heat stress training.Topics you may wish to address include worker risk, prevention, symptoms, treatment, […]